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These days, no one needs an explanation on what a website is, a website is the business card of the 21st century. What many do not understand though is the value of that online presence. Over 55% of small businesses and nonprofits do not have a website. Not having a website is like locking the doors of your business during work hours.

Ctrl Go offers affordable web design solutions that will help open the door to more opportunities for your organization. Our websites are clean, modern, and follow all of the current best practices to make sure that search engines like Google, find your website for the right reasons and show it to the people looking for you and your service.

If you already own a website, but are looking for a redesign, that’s perfect! Our experienced web designers will talk you through a thorough consultation, discussing what your needs are and how we can satisfy them. We even offer full design services for logos and more!

Lastly, there’s no endless monthly fees here. Once you site is finished, it’s yours. Of course if you need ongoing maintenance we’re here for you and can take care of any changes you may need. Why wait, talk is free. Connect with Ctrl Go today and find the shortcut to success on the internet.

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